JAMMU : Passengers traveling in Spice Jet airline had bitter experience of meals in the plane when a dead fly was found in the packed snacks, served in the Jammu bound flight from New Delhi, this morning.
Pictures of the dead fly glued on a nugget, captured by the passenger, explains how carelessly the meal was prepared and packed by the agency catering eatables to the airline, which charges extra for this facility.

The episode took place in SG160 flight of Spice Jet, which took off from IG Airport, New Delhi, this morning at 8.45 a m and landed Jammu at 10.10 a m.
Even as the matter was brought into the notice of the crew members, there was no satisfactory response and explanation behind the glaring fault except a polite ‘Sorry’, notwithstanding the fact that the passengers were charged extra for this facility of food in plane, under Spice Max scheme.
However, the passengers boarded on the flight viewed the matter very seriously and were heard discussing that such blunders during flight on part of the SpiceJet were noticed earlier also.

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