Fayaz Ahmad Jan, who has also been selected for the Padma Shri award, is a famous Kashmir based Paper Mache artisan. He said he is doing this art for the last 35 years and His forefathers have been practicing this art since hundreds of years.

He said There used to be only ahandful of artisans  practicing this art at national and international levels when he won the National Award way back in 1988 and National Merit Certificate in 1985 for his works.

Fayaz Ahmed Jan said that the market for paper machie has declined in the last few years but still there are good artisans working to promote this across the world .He said the inclusion of Art and craft in  gst has also affected the artisans badly. Fayaz Ahmed Jan said that he is happy that government recognised his work in this field but  demanded serious attention of the government to protest his art.

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