JCCI President Rakesh Gupta said that the slogan  of  Prime Minister and the Finance Minister  have proved false as far as terming GST as “GOOD AND SIMPLE TAX” AND “ONE TAX ONE NATIION”.

.JCCI President strongly protested that the promises and the assurances given by the State Government to both the Chambers of Jammu & Kashmir  during pre-budget meeting last year and before implementation of GST that the special powers available to the State under the Constitution of India to make amendments to the Centrals Laws have been compromised.

He further said that the State Toll tax of hundreds of crores being collected at Lakhanpur defeats the slogan of “ONE NATION ONE TAX”. He further said that this illegal tax being charged in the name of saving the local industry is totally baseless and false as only two percent of the industry in the state was being incentivized to the tune of 95% of the incentives being disbursed and rest 98% of Micro Small and Medium Industries are  on the verge of collapse.

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