Udhampur: Residents of Thanua in district Udhampur face acute water crisis in this scorching heat women as well as kids trek three Kms daily to fetch drinking water from natural resources.
Pertinently 30 years ago PHE department installed pipelines in the village but no water has been supplied till date. Locals said that women’s as well as kids fetch water under the fear of wild animals as they have to cross dense Forest to reach water resources. He added that Every house hold brings water from natural resource for drinking, cooking, washing clothes and utensils and it’s a very Tough job . 30 years ago PHE department installed pipelines in our village but water was not supplied till date . long time we are suffers from water cries but no one here to listen the problems of the common masses. Election time leaders promises a lot but after that forget .

He added that women’s of our village are forced to take dangerous route cross Forest area bearing large pitchers on their heads. He added that we have to walk five hours daily to fetch water make our life miserable.

He added that Major part of our day goes in going to nearby places to fetch water Deputy Commissioner Udhampur Ravinder Kumar said that he just came to know about the water cries in said village and promised immediate action.

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