Government of India has increased the monthly cash relief to Kashmiri and Jammu migrants by 30 per cent.

Now it will be Rs.3,250 per person, limited to Rs.13,000 per family per month.

Earlier, the cash relief given to Kashmiri and Jammu migrants was Rs. 2,500 per person with a limit of Rs.10,000 per family per month

These cash amounts will be transferred to the Bank Accounts of eligible beneficiaries.

The entire expenditure will be borne by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and reimbursed to J&K Government

Repair and renovation of Jagati and Talwara camps, where migrants are currently residing is also underway.
The Government of India will reimburse the entire expenses for these works also.

Under Prime Minister’s Rehabilitation Package, 2015 the GoI sanctioned 3000 additional hovt. jobs for Kashmiri migrants.

Union Home Minister made these announcements during his recent visit to Jammu on June 8.

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