New Delhi:  Back-to-back operations by security forces in the Kashmir valley has reduced the “shelf life” of terrorists and over 360 were killed in less than two years, CRPF Director General (DG) Rajiv Rai Bhatnagar has said.

In an interview  he said as figures show an increase in the number of local youths joining terror groups in the valley, security forces are reaching out to young men through all possible ways to stop them from taking up arms.

Bhatnagar said keeping in mind the security challenges, the CRPF has “increased the protection level” of its troops operating in Jammu and Kashmir by inducting full-body protectors, bullet proof vehicles and special armoured ‘interception vehicles’ to enable personnel to operate in life threatening situations.

“The terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir… Some of them are from outside and there are also the misguided youth (locals) who join terror groups. It is quite a mix. The numbers go up and down but if you were to look at the length, the time for which terrorists survive in J-K, then the signal is very clear that it (terrorist recruitment) is having no impact.

“The shelf life of terrorists, the time frame to survive, is very short. So, even if the numbers (of joining terror ranks) may be large, they may be more, but the consequence is limited,” he said when asked if recruitment of local Kashmiri youths by terror groups is rising and a cause of concern.

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