The centre will monthly expense of Rs 26 crores  on account of enhanced honrarioum of Special Police Officers  announced on Wendesday.

The union governmetn decided that SPOs having  less than five years experience will continue to get  Rs 6000. Their number is 10,967

While SPOs with 5-yr experience will get enhanced honorarium of Rs 9,000 benefiting  10,623  SPOS

Those with  15 years experiece  will  get Rs 12,000 per month thus benefitting 8411 SPOs

30,000 SPOs are enagaged by the State police. The concept of SPOs was introuduced in 1989-90 when militancy started in the state.

Honorarium of SPOs is covered under Security Related Expenditure scheme of the union home ministry. It supports logistic requirement of J&K police force in combating militancy.

In 2016-17  SRE for police was about Rs 1200 cr

In  July  the  honararium hiked to Rs 6,000 per month from Rs 3,000 per month

The last enhancement was done in 2006

in 2012, the proposal for enhancement of honorarium was mooted but finance ministry said not enough funds for it

More than 500 SPOs have died  fighting militants

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