BJP president Amit Shah has ruled the possibility of his  party forming government in J&K after pulling out of coalition from  PDP. He said this in an interview with National Daily.

BJP president was asked: How far is it true that the BJP is trying to engineer defections in the PDP to form a government there with a breakaway group?

Amit Shah answered: Absolutely wrong. We have no intention of forming any such government in J&K.

BJP president also said forming govt with the PDP  wasn’t a mistake. He said BJP’s    intentions were good  and party  wanted overall development of the region. But it didn’t work.

Amit Shah said if the BJP was  seen as doing more for Jammu, etc., then it’s basically to compensate them for years of neglect…

He accused Congress for skewed development of the state

The speculation have been doing rounds on government formation after some PDP MLAs  rebelled against party president Mehbooba Mufti. Former CM Mehbooba Mufti had earlier warned that  any attempt by the Centre to “engineer” a split in her party will have “extremely dangerous” consequences

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